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And for the 8 time All-Star campaign in the 10 season after the occupation, Chris · Paul has demonstrated control of speed, can control the game. Therefore, Jordan Brand through the latest release of CP3.IX, showing the rapid control of the concept of flexible electro-optical. This pair of Chris · and Paul design; agile style boots, can keep the feet in the fast starting and stability to the. 05596c60-4ba4-468a-972e-1aa355807894.jpg (151.71 KB, download number: 26) download Jordan CP3.IX officially released 2015-9-30 16:08 upload b220330d-80ba-45ca-8319-e273a430efb0.jpg (102.85 KB, download number: 19) download Jordan CP3.IX officially released 2015-9-30 16:08 upload Provide lateral support and a 360 degree full lock protection mesh lacing system for biped e0f7f89e-79d3-4073-9051-2ffdf173629a.jpg (55.65 KB, download number: 28) download Jordan CP3.IX officially released 2015-9-30 16:08 upload 9 chamber Zoom Air forefoot cushioning unit as a piston engine, hidden in the bottom of providing feedback and flexibility for super shoes. The front outer structure can ensure the lateral stability of reinforced double foot in the fast starting and jumping, and the inside of shoe rubber coated, it can provide more control and grip force. 453fcb27-1a9b-4ac8-9780-470cfd20e705.jpg (92.31 KB, download number: 18) download OneIn order to salute 96 years invincible Nike's women's basketball team, specially for the Hyperd Cheap air jordans for sale unk 2016 Low to create a USA special edition. The new red shoes as main colors, with white and blue dotted with details, and then is drawn in a women's basketball team flanking the stars on the fringe pattern. item: 876499-699 release date: August 20thPrice: Nike-Hyperdunk-Low-USA-Release-Date-1.jpg (278.7 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD USA 2016-8-14 08:51 upload Nike-Hyperdunk-Low-USA-Release-Date-4.jpg (517.88 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD USA 2016-8-14 08:52 upload Nike-Hyperdunk-Low-USA-Release-Date-5.jpg (280.42 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD USA 2016-8-14 08:52 upload Nike-Hyperdunk-Low-USA-Release-Date-2.jpg (237.37 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD USA 2016-8-14 08:51 upload Nike-Hyperdunk-Low-USA-Release-Date-3.jpg (244.79 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD USA 2016-8-14 08:51 upload Nike-Hype0This summer, Jordan Brand returned the of 2003, Air Jordan 11 Low IE "Cobalt", and will be sold again in August 1st. White shoes as background, gray dress burst crack, the details of the blue dotted played a finishing touch effect.Nike Air Presto fans have been ready for the new version of Flyknit shelves, but now they have more choices. The new BrightCrimson "color design of the combination of black and orange, equipped with flyknit shoe in the upgrade package and Retro jordans for sale comfort at the same time, bring better lightweight and breathable feeling, side mark of TPU scaffold and Air Presto sole unit is preserved, in tube socks designed with recent trends, black and orange collocation also bring cool enjoyment, which is your favorite color? NIKE AIR PRESTO ULTRA FLYKNIT new shoes will be officially on sale in April 28th, the color is also offering a list of love, a lot of friends may wish to pay attention to. shoe information: AIR PRESTO ULTRA FLYKNITNIKEcolor: Crimson-WhiteBlack/Brightnumber: 835570-006release date: 4/28/16price: $160[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Adidas after it closed its factory in Suzhou soon, domestic production of Adidas sportswear, T-shirts have been more than ten years foundry recently began to receive notice, Adidas In October this year to April next year in succession and they lifted foundry agreement, the termination of cooperation. Shanghai Tung Lung down products Limited is one of the cooperation of the foundry business this termination, Jiang left red is the company responsible for the Purchasing Department. She told reporters last May has Adidas will close the Suzhou plant the wind, but Adidas China Financial Operations President and Adidas factory in Suzhou directly responsible person Erick Haskell last November specially convened dozens of supplier seminars, denied the Adidas factory in Suzhou coming off the news, and promised cooperation in 2015 will not change. Tod cheap foamposites ay, the situation now seems to be on the original promise of irony, foundry pledged Adidas together to discuss that. And in November last year, the forum Adidas given only a verbal commitment, did not form a written document. In this regard, Jiang left red, said: "We offered to let him write a written agreement to us, the day of his undertaking only excuse is later drafted by a lawyer, but then it has not given us." EU footwear anti-dumping League Secretary General Guo Wei Wen believes that companies make decisions in time to carry out a risk assessment, then they should adhere to the signed agreements, "to each other accountable, then we must sign the agreement before. You do not have any The agreement, which is difficult to do go on. " "Although there is no written agreement, but we have record." ????? who attended the meeting on behalf of one of the factory manager said. Guangdong International Economic Association Wangchun Ping lawyers believe that if Adidas did make such a commitment and breach of the undertaking, it is contrary to the principle of good faith, is not permitted by law. Our request is simple Adidas foundry need to discuss that aspect of the three main points: First, the 2015 cash problem does not terminate cooperation commitments. Second, whether the order is only a perfunctory sustained? Jiang Hong said stay, 8,9,10 three months in accordance with previous years, the volume of orders if there is at least Cheap foamposites for sale 250,000, and this year was only 20,000 pieces, she thinks this 20000 Adidas but also to the time delay until October Bale. Third, machinery and equipment, especially the issue of compensation of special equipment.?????? said that for internal foundry machinery and equipment is not in the scope of compensation, foundries expressed dissatisfaction. According to the participants on behalf of the foundry introduced in 2009, Adidas made a Gassa Milestone plan called the plan of foundry capacity, equipment, software, etc. to score, scores of non-compliance of enterprises will be eliminated. Thanks to this program, foundries have invested a lot of money on training, equipment and software. Guo Wei Wen noted that foundries only under the relevant agreements signed with Adidas premise, to find it cost-sharing. Raymond Kwok analysts say, foundries and customers process, customer requirements to improve the quality equipment is reasonable, foundry itself needs to assess risk, "Adidas does not force you, you also have the right not to purchase. Customers choose you rights, you also have the right to choose clients. " For Adidas products dedicated to the production of special equipment, Guo Wei Wen said, should be treated in accordance with the contract, if there is no contract, the principle of good faith, the foundry can make compensation to Adidas, but eventually will have to see whether It can be supported by the courts. small micro-ent Cheap foamposites for sale erprise rights difficult Chen Yunfu recalls his foundry and Adidas have fought ten years of dealings, in addition to the current conflicts arising outside, Adidas in the business process is a good partner, "Adidas entered China in 1996 after years We helped it grow older it is to forget the past. "????? words in showing a bit sad. "We are together several foundries to communicate with Adidas, the other more alone ignore you." Jiang Hong said leave. According to Jiang left red revealed a few days ago, representatives of several factories induced mail to Adidas, which is responsible for Erick reply indicated that they would arrange a meeting in the near future. "There is no thought of a lawyer take the legal channels, but would like to talk about, if not, then you may hire a lawyer, but try not to go to that step. Adidas is now a willingness to talk, but talk is one of the results What, now says are not allowed. " foundry officials, who complained to the reporter SMEs defenders helpless: the Government does not support the team of lawyers to court to obtain their own lawyer, and the limited capacity of the plant, and the lack of experience on the rights, funding and energy, in a vulnerable position, small and micro enterprises, "father hurt mother did not love." Chen Yunfu admitted, small and micro enterprises in terms of a rights no experience, no two energies, in a weak position, "able to manage the plant has been pretty good." Cheap jordans online Wangchun Ping suggested the domestic foundry when the contract need to find appropriate lawyers, legal persons or legal adviser to the contract terms scrutiny and checks, for some of their own particular unfair terms, to After making amendments before signing. If it is to win business hastily signed a contract, the risk that may arise in the future can only be borne by themselves. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)adidas Rose 3 "Chicago Fire Department" is available now 2013-12-08 22:36:17 The fluorescent yellow adidas adidas Rose 3 is the latest of a Rose 3 color. In fact, this fluorescent color inspiration is not so simple, it is actually derived from the Ross hometown Chicago Fire. After making the uppers of rubber was treated like a solid and durable shoes such as fire service. Followed by the three-bar design has also been a 3M reflective treatment, and fire service echoes. This beautiful color has been listed in major adidas stores, priced at $ 180.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] the past several years, each one choose to be acquired by commercial companies is to achieve faster and better development. However, the usefulness of space if its brand in the acquiring brand value system is too small to escape the fate of being frozen, even disappeared. There are some brands, in order to meet the needs of the acquirer, and embarked on a transforma Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale tion of the way. Brands disappear on behalf of the brand: the era of retail Hung Ke Long is the disappearance of the Offeror brands, into an example of the Offeror brand system is particularly evident in the supermarket industry. In general, the supermarket industry are mostly acquired, the purpose is to expand the scale more into a new area. Strong case Offeror, the Offeror will be a flop as the acquirer of the brand. In September last year, he has swept Jiangxi 24 Hung Ke Long supermarket delisting quietly renamed Vanguard. At this time, from the Vanguard acquisition finalized only two years; Jiangsu retail leading retail era in 2009 was acquired by Lotte Group. Flop stores after Lotte Mart, not only did not catch the express train to achieve better development, but for others to do the wedding dress - Lotte Mart development in China has been no improvement, the best regional performance is the era of retail stronghold Jiangsu province. first-class brand companies do, second-rate companies make sales. To a large extent, the brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises. Those acquired after the disappearance of the brand tree back though to be, but also to the previous hard work to build out the brand competitiveness in vain. gradually decline Representative Brand: Umbro tick group Jiadeli After inclusion Offeror system, although some brands are preserved, but lost the right to speak, stagnate or even decline gradually. Umbro Nike hands were accelerated pace in the market disappeared. When in 2008 was acquired by Nike, although Nike has said it would fully committed to helping Umbro reach its full potential, but in October 2012, Nike sold $ 225 million will be sold to the United States Yikangnisi Umbro Group . Umbro's core resources has no longer the past, the hands, has caused fierce confrontation Umbro domestic dealers, but as of now, with the dispute Umbro products in the retail market disappeared, between the dealers and brands also question. City-dimensional network tick group and a year after the merger, recently announced that will be officially closed on March 31 to buy the business, move to a new business model, but did not disclose tick group will transition to where. This is the second year and 24 coupons Groupon collapse, another top ten buy site out. 2010, the Hainan Airlines Commercial Holdings Limited is incorporated under the command of the home advantage. Industry rumors had home advantage will help of naval forces to achieve separate listing, but home advantage after being acquired, the development is not fast, operating as before, and even now been incorporated into the naval logistics sector. Hainan Airlines Business also turned the retail sector capital Xi'an Minsheng hopes have been listed. Start the transition Representative Brand: Reebok Puma who has the world's third-largest sports brand Adidas to Reebok were $ 3.8 billion acquisition in 2005, recently, Reebok suddenly released a new LOGO. Reebok said, "fully updated brand identity in order to comply with future emphasis on fitness Reebok brand development orientation. At the same time, since March, all Reebok brand's official website, Lynx official flagship store and all relevant external communication platform All use the new logo. "According to Beijing Daily reporter understood that the new product logo will appear on all this month released the Reebok sports shoes and clothing, covering training, running, outdoor sports, yoga, dance and aerobics series. Many big brand after being acquired, enjoy a variety of high-quality resources in production, design, channels, etc., but for the German sports brand Puma, the back is not necessarily a good shade tree. In 2007, the French luxury goods and lifestyle and sports brand group KERING to ? 5.2 billion acquisition of Puma, after the Nike, Adidas and other brands of different professional and competitive sports, fashion and leisure products operations focus on the Puma. However, in recent years, Puma's performance all the way down and no stabilized trend. 2013 full year net profit plunged 92.4% Puma to 5.3 million euros. In this case, PUMA is about to begin another round of restructuring. Puma's current CEO Goulden said: "Now, we will focus on competitive sports, casual wear and use in the field of advertising with Sports-related assets." Return to professional sports can give Puma a rebirth opportunities still unknown. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & nbsp; shoe.)Joy puts heart into a man, see Joe boss gave a satisfied smile. The University of North Carolina Michael Jordan off Ping, great basketball for his alma mater, naturally more care, in addition to the basketball team dedicated to build a full set of equipment, the day before the Jordan brand and rugby team launched a comprehensive cooperation. This Michael Jordan said: I am very happy to Jordan not only in the basketball field, will now display skills to the full in the football game!". north-carolina-football-jordan-brand-michael-jordan.jpeg (188.44 KB, download number: 5) download UNC and Jordan brand to carry out comprehensive cooperation 2017-3-6 09:07 upload UNC-Jordan-field.jpg (323.59 KB, download number: 3) download UNC and Jordan brand to carry out comprehensive cooperation 2017-3-6 09:07 UNC Jordan, upload, rugby, Michael 00reebok-cordura-pack-0-635x423.jpg (44.39 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 16:54 upload reebok-cordura-pack-1.jpg (87.21 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 16:54 upload reebok-cordura-pack-2.jpg (83.95 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 16:54 upload reebok-cordura-pack-3.jpg (68.68 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 16:54 upload 00